I have state licensure in North Carolina and Washington state. I am accepting clients from both states over teletherapy. I offer home-based services to those that live within driving distance from my office in Asheville, NC.  I specialize in early intervention, speech sound disorders, language delays, and Autism.  Parent participation is supported and encouraged through my practice. Please contact me for further detail.

Speech Evaluation & Treatment:

Evaluations last approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the areas of concern. The evaluation will provide baseline information in order to form a clear plan of treatment.

You will be provided a copy of the finalized report and treatment plan before the first therapy session. Each treatment session is 30-45 minutes depending on the child’s needs. My years of training and experience allow me to treat children effectively within the allotted time.

Contact me TODAY to learn more about the Fee Schedule for Evaluations and Treatment.

I am not contracted with insurance companies and will not bill your insurance. Payments are accepted through the secure payment portal.  Most major credit cards are accepted.


You may be skeptical about the success of teletherapy for your child, but I can tell you that is does work!  I have the experience and training to engage your child through the computer and achieve real progress. The screen melts away, we connect, and have FUN!

Teletherapy is a great way to provide support for those who don’t have access to a speech therapist or for a variety of reasons are unable to receive services in a clinical or school setting. It is also a great option for individuals or families that juggle many priorities and would benefit from attending sessions from the comfort of their own home or office.

The following equipment is required to participate in teletherapy:
— Computer or tablet with a built-in or external web cam and microphone are preferred. Smartphones work as well but can be difficult for the child to fully see the clinician.
— high-speed internet connection
— an email account

We currently use Zoom videoconferencing software to hold sessions online. Zoom offers secure web conferencing designed for maximum performance and reliability.


  1. First, contact us and let us know that you’re interested in therapy. Please provide an email address and phone number to contact you.
  2. You will receive a phone call to discuss your concerns and needs.
  3. Then, we will work with you to schedule the first session.
  4. We’ll work together to schedule future appointments and you’ll receive an invoice for the session via email.