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I am a master of play, a speech sound disorder expert, a language educator, a creative thinker, and neurodiversity affirming pediatric speech-language pathologist.  Play Talk & Grow is a resource for families when navigating the world of speech and language services.  We are a home-health and community centered practice located in Asheville, NC. Virtual consultations are available for those outside my area. I’m so happy you found me!

Additional products include, webinars, guided tutorials, and imaginative toys. These resources are available to support speech and language development whether you are just beginning the journey or looking for something more.

In-Person or Teletherapy Sessions

Each treatment session is schedule for 30-minutes. My years of training and experience allow me to treat children effectively in 30 minutes.  Evaluations are schedule for one hour.

Contact Chrissy for more information on the Fee Schedule for Evaluations and Treatment.

Payments are accepted through our secure patient portal. Most major credit cards are accepted, including HSA and FSA accounts.


  1. First, contact us and let us know that you’re interested in therapy. Please provide an email address and phone number to contact you.
  2. You will receive a phone call to discuss your concerns and needs.
  3. Then, we will work with you to schedule the first session.
  4. We’ll work together to schedule future appointments and you’ll receive an invoice for the session via email.

Help Your Child Through Play

I believe in the power of PLAY! To achieve true engagement and motivation, the child has to believe they are playing and having fun. Rather than testing your child on the alphabet or numbers, focus on playing with them.  Play with blocks, puzzles, cars, trains, stacking towers, balls, music, games, and play foods.  Read books.  Build play into daily routines, like, bath time, dinner time, or grocery shopping. Get your child’s attention by using your voice and facial expressions.

My resources are full of techniques that you can implement during play and throughout your day to encourage speech.  Start by creating routines and building in language opportunities.  Comment and describe your actions and thoughts.  Narrate your day for your child to hear.  Parents are a child’s first teacher and children learn best in a natural environment.  

It may only take 10-20 repetitions to develop a new skill.

Recorded Webinars

Engaging & Sustainable Toys

Sunny Valley Stacking Cubes and Girl Child
Child Plays With Toy Cutting Board

In the News…


ABCNYMoms says: “Chrissy has distilled her method for teaching children how to talk into a simple, easy to understand program featuring high quality makers and non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.” Follow the link to read more. https://abcnymoms.com/meet-chrissy-thompson-of-playtalkgrow/

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“I wanted a place for parents to go to find answers to their questions and to learn real strategies and tools. I want them to feel empowered that they can support their child every day.” From my interview with Motherhood Moment.  Read more here:  https://motherhood-moment.blogspot.com/2019/08/website-spotlight-playtalkandgrow.html?fbclid=IwAR1pQogYZgXQMTscF0uRMi-xDr-UCJYhtKJ2Pg2G6IlsefdSv8fMzBoMUJE

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Chrissy uses creative and natural play to engage children and encourage emergent language and communication.  She is skilled at promoting child initiated, functional, and unprompted verbal and nonverbal interactions.  Her dedication to improving the communication skills of children is evident in her warm and compassionate relationships with children and families.

Jennifer B.


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