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Play, Talk, & Grow is a private pediatric practice serving the greater Asheville area. Specializing in the evaluation and treatment of speech and language skills. Including Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Phonological Disorders, Speech Sound Disorders, Language delays, Natural Language Acquisition, Analytic Language Learners, AAC Specialists, Communication Skills, and the Language Development of Autistic children.

We value meaningful goals that represent the whole child.

Our therapeutic approach is respectful and strengths based for ALL families.  We are play-based therapists that believes in following a child’s lead.  By listening to the child and providing engaging activities we are able to build trust and establish a nurturing relationship on which we can develop speech and language skills.

We provide primarily clinic based services.  We work with our community to provide therapy within some daycares and private schools in the area. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to be present and fully participate in therapy sessions. Connecting with the family is just as important as our relationship with the child.

 Our office is located at 10 Regent Park Blvd Asheville, NC 28806

mother and son playing with toy and hammer

Natural Language Acquisition

Does your child memorize books or movies? Do they speak with inflection but are difficult to understand? Are they imitating all the words they hear?  Often, children who use delayed echolalia (or scripting) are gestalt language processors.  Gestalt Language Processing (GLP) is a form of language development that starts with whole memorized phrases to single words. It is a natural way to develop language but is often thought of as disordered by those unaware of GLP.  It is NOT!  Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) framework was developed by Marge Blanc (2012) to help support kids on their language development journey.

Those that are not yet using flexible, original language require a different approach in order to begin communicating with self-generated language.  Chrissy is a Certified NLA Trained Clinician. Understanding NLA can help parents and other professionals engage and connect with their child and the way they are developing language. Supporting children that are identified as GLP is important to Play Talk & Grow. All therapists in the practice are familiar with GLP and several are in the process of completing the coursework to become certified.

Help Your Child Through Play

We believe in the power of PLAY! To achieve true engagement and motivation, the child has to believe they are playing and having fun. Rather than testing your child on the alphabet or numbers, focus on playing with them.  Play with blocks, puzzles, cars, trains, stacking towers, balls, music, games, and play foods.  Read books.  Build play into daily routines, like, bath time, dinner time, or grocery shopping. Get your child’s attention by using your voice and facial expressions.

Our resources are full of techniques that you can implement during play and throughout your day to encourage speech. Parents are a child’s first teacher and children learn best in a natural environment. It may only take 10-20 repetitions to develop a new skill.

hand with blocks

Chrissy uses creative and natural play to engage children and encourage emergent language and communication.  She is skilled at promoting child initiated, functional, and unprompted verbal and nonverbal interactions.  Her dedication to improving the communication skills of children is evident in her warm and compassionate relationships with children and families.

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