Chrissy Bio Pics

Hi! I’m Chrissy

I am a licensed, certified pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).  I have been providing speech and language services to children ages 1-18 since 2004. I worked for over 14 years in Seattle, WA.  I currently live and practice in Asheville, NC with my husband and two daughters.

I am a passionate SLP with the belief that play is the best way for children to learn language and communication.  As parents, we have a tendency to disregard the act of play as being unproductive, but this is not the case at all.  Children learn to interact with the world through play, developing important sensory skills.  Play gives children the opportunity to learn how to articulate their experiences. 

I have worked with families in schools, their homes, and my own private practice.  I currently serve children ages 1-12 and their families in early intervention, a clinic, and school-based settings.  No matter the location, one thing remains the same – kids always just want to think they are playing.

Play is how children learn to interact with the world, developing important sensory skills.  And it is through play that children learn how to articulate their experiences.

Playing can bring you together with your child.  But what if your child isn’t talking yet?  What if you’re not sure how to play with your child?  Maybe your child already sees a speech therapist and you want to do more at home.  Or maybe you are questioning if your child needs to be evaluated.

I created PlayTalk&Grow share my love of toys and to teach parents how to encourage speech in their children.  I have heard from parents many times over the years that they just want something simple and quick to practice at home.  I have selected an array of premium, high quality toys that are fun, exciting, and will provide easy targets for speech and language at home.  The free video tutorials will guide you through various research-based strategies and techniques to encourage and “pull” language from your child.   

If you want more support, join our community and become a member.  You will receive direct assess to me in 2 monthly virtual meetings through video conference calls.  The meetings will offer a wide range of information from working on play skills, pre-communication skills of joint attention, gestures, and encouraging first words; up to more advanced language skills, social skills, comprehension, feeding, and more.

These interactive meetings and videos will not replace speech therapy with a certified therapist, but will provide you with additional knowledge and skills to encourage your child’s speech at home.